Our biggest ever update has landed

A developer’s work is never done. Remember the days of boxed games, when once a title was shipped, it was shipped, warts and all? If a game was littered with bugs or lacking key features, the poor player would just have to lump it. Either that, or the publisher would find itself burying unsold cartridges in the New Mexico desert (Tip of the hat to any of our players who get that reference).

These days, however, a game’s launch is just the start. The biggest and best games out there are constantly updated, with new bits and bobs strapped onto play to make the whole experience even better. We’re no different here at 360 Studios, and ever since MMA Federation first hit mobile, we’ve been working on tweaking it, refining it, and giving some parts a damn good kicking. The end result? A fairly major update, which will be hitting your phones today.

In truth, this is our biggest update since MMA Federation first launched and includes the much anticipated (if we do say so ourselves) Deck Management system, as well as brand new social features, and a Daily Challenge minigame – perfect for the psychotically competitive.

Fight Decks, the game changer

Our new Deck Management system gives you the power to customise the Moves in your Fighter’s Deck to create a winning combat strategy. For casual players, it’s an opportunity to create a signature Fighting style, while for hardcore players there’s endless scope for tactical battles by creating Decks of Moves to counteract an opponent’s latest fighting strategy.

We’ve spent months carefully balancing the Moves to ensure that no single Fight Deck is unbeatable. Every Fighter enters the arena with a fair chance of winning, so there’s still a chance you’ll get trounced by a clueless rookie, and every chance you’ll defeat a top ranked player. To achieve this we’ve removed some moves, but also added some awesome new ones to balance things out!

Check out our Trailer for a quick run through of all the new features..

MMA Federation is now available in 100+ new territories.  Visit our Store pages to see if it’s available in your country.