Introducing Fight Decks

Not long to go now.. our biggest ever update is due mid May and our team have been working their little socks off to get it ready!  The jewel in the crown is our new Deck Management feature, which allows you to build a custom Fight Deck from your best Moves.  This means you can design a completely unique Fighting style, and if you’re awesome, strategically hone your Fight Deck to beat tricky opponents.

We’ve carefully balanced the Moves to ensure that no single Fight Deck is unbeatable. Every Fighter enters the Arena with a fair chance of winning. To achieve this we’ve had to remove some Moves, but also added some awesome new ones!

Here’s a quick Fight Decks walkthrough from our Community Manager Jay Perrin.  It’s worth making Friends with Jay as you can win special rewards by beating him in game.  Just add @memphis to your Friends list in-game and follow us on Facebook for super special gift updates.